Restaurant Hiramatsu‘s wine cellars in Hiroo contain around 3,000 bottles from 500-550 labels, including different vintages. Shipped to us directly by wineries in France, they are carefully aged so as to reach the table in perfect condition.

Dégustation de Vins Recommended wine course3~5 glasses depending on the menu

¥5,000, ¥10,000, ¥15,000

Enjoy our fine wines with our Menu Dégustation de Vins, which matches a wine to each dish.

* Please note that we will refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to customers who plan to drive after their meal.
Please also note that because we use the best ingredients available on the day, the content of menus may vary.


Our cheese trolley offers a selection of around 20 cheeses, mainly from France and Italy, but also including Japanese cheese from our chef’s hometown of Hiroshima. Enjoy them with homemade jam, dried fruit, honey from Fukuta Apiary in Tottori Prefecture, or Jean-Paul Mette liqueurs from France’s Alsace region.