Our Team

Chef Hiroki Hiramatsu and his team are passionate about food,
and our service staff love making guests feel welcome.
Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo is always filled with smiling faces.

Hiroki HiramatsuChef

“French cuisine that makes the most of its ingredients, and where less is more”
I believe that cuisine, as a form of artistic expression, is only complete when it appeals to the emotions, gladdens the heart and helps us to share happiness. Day by day, I strive to build a restaurant where cuisine, service and setting combine to create a perfect experience, and to make each individual guest as happy as I possibly can.

Keiko Hiramatsu

The origins of Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo date back to 1982. Since then, time has flown by, and our restaurant has won the hearts of countless guests, yet the sight of smiling faces continues to be, and will always be, my greatest motivation.

Takahiro GotoManager

Through delicious cuisine that expresses our chef’s passion for his art, we aim to make your visit to our restaurant a truly wonderful experience. Please let us know if you have any requests. We trust your visit to Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo will become a treasured memory.